Posters should be mounted before noon on July 12, so that they are available for viewing throughout the meeting. Authors should plan to stand by their posters 2:45 - 3:45 in the afternoon of July 13.

The Poster session will be held in theĀ Blau Lobby.

PosterĀ  Board
Presenter Organization Poster Title
1 Carolina Alvarez Florida International University Assessing methods for assigning SNPs to genes for gene-based tests of association with common variants abstract
2 Andrew Beck Loyola University Testing Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium in the presence of genotype uncertainty abstract
3 Margit Burmeister University of Michigan Genomic Approach to Rare Heterogeneous Neurological Disorders abstract
4 Randi Burns University of Michigan Characterization of a novel recessive ataxia gene abstract
5 Jieming Chen Yale University SNPs on a signaling network abstract
6 Charleston Chiang UCLA Evidence of widespread selection on standing variation in Europe at height-associated SNPs abstract
7 Marcin Cieslik University of Virginia Epigenetic regulation of the epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) abstract
8 Matthew Ezewudo Emory University SeqAnt: Next Generation Sequencing Annotation Web Application abstract
9 Christian Fuchsberger University of Michigan Pre-phasing: Fast and accurate genotype imputation in genome-wide association studies abstract
10 Brian Greco Grinnell College A general approach to combine multiple rare variant tests of association abstract
11 Allison Hainline Baylor University A variable-threshold odds ratio weighted sum test abstract
12 Alexander Luedtke Brown University A general Bayesian framework for inclusion of prior information in regulatory network inference abstract
13 Pierre Luisi Evolutionary Biology Institute (UPF-CSIC) A pipeline to detect genomic regions under natural selection in 1000 Genomes data abstract
14 Clement Ma University of Michigan Evaluating the power of single variant association tests for low frequency variants in joint and meta-analysis abstract
15 Giorgio Pistis CNR Imputation quality thresholds for rare and common variants abstract
16 Eleonora Porcu CNR The contribution of sequencing based GWAS in explaining the missing heritability of quantitative traits abstract
17 Stephen Sherry NCBI NCBI SRA Toolkit Technology for Next Generation Sequence Data abstract
18 Nathan Tintle Dordt College A geometric framework for the evaluation of rare variant tests of association abstract